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Celebrate Swahili: Stories and Songs from Africa




On this month’s Inkless Tales Podcast for Kids, we have a retelling of a traditional Zulu folktale: Where Stories Come From.

This is a special kind of folk tale, called a “pour quoi” (poor-KWAH) myth, which means “why?” It’s called that because it’s a story which explains something. In this tale, of course, it’s the story of all stories. I’m betting you’ll love it.

Following up on that, I discovered a fabulous new word in Swahili: furaha. It means “happy.” So I wrote a song about it, and I added that song to this podcast, too. I hope it makes YOU happy to hear it.

This year, my goal is to try to tell more stories from all over the world, since Inkless Tales gets so many visitors from all over the world. Next month: a tale from India. I think you’ll enjoy that one, too.

Thanks for listening.

Your friend,

Elizabeth Williams Bushey

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