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The Basket Case

The Basket Case

The story of “A Tisket, A Tasket.”

The feud went on for years – until the mystery of the disappearance of Lucy Locket’s green and yellow basket brings the families together under Mother Goose’s enigmatic wing.


New song:

Chameleon, Come Talk To Me

(From the upcoming book and CD: “Annie’s Animals”)




National Poetry Month – and the InklessTales.com Poetry In A Balloon Project

The Inkless Tales Poetry In A Balloon Project

The Inkless Tales Poetry In A Balloon Project


In America, it’s National Poetry Month. So this podcast, we’re packing it full of poetry. Hope you like it! 

Even better: you can write some poetry yourself – and send it into the sky! 

Check out The Inkless Tales Poetry in a Balloon Project. You’ll LOVE it. 

You can learn more about it at Inkless Tales, or you can visit YouTube to watch the how-to video. Here are the links for both pages:

The Inkless Tales video
The page on Inkless Tales with all the goodies

The YouTube Video

Meanwhile (drum roll, please….) here’s the PODCAST! 


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