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The Basket Case

The Basket Case

The story of “A Tisket, A Tasket.”

The feud went on for years – until the mystery of the disappearance of Lucy Locket’s green and yellow basket brings the families together under Mother Goose’s enigmatic wing.


New song:

Chameleon, Come Talk To Me

(From the upcoming book and CD: “Annie’s Animals”)



The True Story of Little Miss Muffet.

Little Miss Muffet and SpiderYou thought you knew the truth.

You thought she was just some sissy.

NOW: The truth can be told – and it is: here in this Podcast for Kids.

The True Story of Little MIss Muffet.

Check it out. She’s not so bad. And neither is the spider.

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Monkeys, Owls, and Pussycats Plus.

Five Little MonkeysIn this podcast from November 08, we have Monkeys, Owls and Pussycats Plus.

Featuring guest performer  – my daughter Annie Bushey–  in a a story titled “That’s Good, That’s Bad.”


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