Elizabeth Williams BusheyInkless Tales is a web site for kids to explore, create and DO. With nearly a million hits a month and growing, and about a thousand links to schools and libraries all over the world, it’s time to reach back and send stories, poems and songs out — by request — via podcast.

Inkless Tales, at www.inklesstales.com, has been created by Elizabeth Williams Bushey, a writer, illustrator, journalist, web developer and musician. All the material you find there, except the rare instances where indicated, is created solely by her. (Whew.)

A working mom of two beautiful daughters, a great dog Tucker, three cats (Molly Malone, Brian Boru, Lugh of the Long Arm == get the Irish hero thing?), two ferrets (Bonnie and Clyde), and numerous fish, Elizabeth still finds time to be available for poetry and writing workshops, school visits and concerts of her original music — featuring original jazz and blues tunes for kids, even. They love it.

For more about Inkless Tales, visit www.inklesstales.com.
For more about Elizabeth Williams Bushey, visit www.elizabethbushey.com.

E-mail her at elizabeth@inklesstales.com

(News on the pet front: Lughie the cat, it seems, turns out to be a girl. And now, a mom. Adding five kittens to the big blue house.)


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